Top Reasons to Use Virtual Staging When Prepping Properties for Sale

Picture the perfect family home… A beautiful house on an upscale road with a big garden, footpaths for walks, a community feel and close proximity to schools and amenities… Inside the house, natural sunlight flows smoothly through the large windows… There is only one problem: this perfect house is empty. What could be the problem? It is an open secret that empty houses sometimes fail to inspire prospective owners who do not have enough time and imagination on how they can grow the available space.

But wait – there is a solution on how the home can become occupied. The answer is virtual staging. Today, using the latest virtualisation techniques, it is possible to superimpose furnishings, photographs, décor and furniture in an open space. Virtualisation requires real talent but if it is done properly, one cannot tell that the space has been ‘staged’.

As a property owner looking to sell your house or an estate agent, why should you consider carrying out virtual staging over traditional staging methods?

1. It Is Cheaper than Traditional House Staging

It may come as a surprise but staging a room for sale can cost upwards of £1,000. In properties that ooze opulence, the cost of staging can go higher given the many items needed to make it look like it has a current resident not to mention that the items used during the staging have to suit the décor. When using virtual staging, it is possible for one to add premium furnishings to suit any décor without any consideration being placed on cost.

2. Photographs Are a Key Tool for Attracting Prospective Buyers

Providing a floor plan to potential buyers is nice but to really help a buyer imagine how the space would look with their possessions, it is better to use photographs. Bare walls are really uninspiring since they do not provide one with a perspective on the available space. By adding some furniture through virtual staging, a prospective buyer usually gets a perspective on how the property will look with their furnishings as well as whether the room can fit their lifestyle and taste.

3. Virtual Staging Is Less Disruptive to Property Owners

In some instances, the sale of a property usually discretion such as during a divorce or a probate sale. In such instances, if the property has already been cleared awaiting sale, traditional staging can be disruptive. This is because you have to keep searching for the property owner every time there is a prospective client for the house to be staged and then returned to its original conditional once the client has left. All these disruptions can be avoided and the full marketing service done in one sitting through virtual staging.

4. Virtual Staging Can Conceal Out of Place Décor

It is said that one man’s meat is another man’s poison. This saying also applies when it comes to décor. If there is a property that needs a stylish update to make it more attractive to prospective clients, virtual staging is the ideal solution.

5. New-Build and Unfinished Homes Can Be Made to Appear Complete

One of the biggest challenges faced by property developers is the completion of a building on time and within the available budget. Many housing developments often hit snags meaning that their sale usually derails. In order to create documents for marketing a property, photographs of a house are usually needed but this is often impossible when the house is incomplete. However, virtual staging can be used to make an unfinished house appear completed. With a few photographs showing the property layout, 3D designers can be able to add anything from detailing sockets, adding flooring, plumbing to even adding whole rooms!


6 Reasons to Choose Nannying over a Regular Office Job

Have you ever noticed that nannies love their jobs a lot and have you ever wondered why? Most days, I meet people who just cannot believe that I have chosen a career as a nanny and I enjoy it immensely. Truth be told, I could not imagine myself doing any other type of work. So, what are the perks of working as a nanny?

1. Every Day Brings Something New

In a regular office job, you may be expected to punch in and out at specified times, sit at the same desk throughout the year while at the same time doing the same thing every day. Yes, nannies also have a routine, but with each day, there is a variation to the routine. On a clear day, we will be visiting the zoo, and, on the next day, it may be raining so we will stay indoors drinking some hot chocolate and enjoying crafts. In the life of a nanny, every day means new challenges.

2. You Do Not Have to Follow a Strict Dress Code

Ever had a day that you just wanted to laze around in pyjamas? This happens a lot to me… As a nanny, I do not have to follow any particular dress code. Many are the days I show up for work wearing my favourite yoga pants with my hair curled in a ponytail. In the life of a nanny, every day of work can be casual Friday. There are no limits or restrictions to what you can wear to work. If you are working in an office, you can expect that you will be required to dress a certain way. For example, you have to wear your hair and makeup nicely and dress in a suit, dress pants or a skirt.

3. There Is No Boss Always Watching Your Every Move

Parents usually hire nannies with the utmost trust and confidence that they will do their job as expected even when no one is watching. Though this is a lot of responsibility, it also means less pressure while on the job. Unless you are working as a nanny for a family where the parent remains at home for most of the day, you usually have some breathing and relaxing room. Essentially, as long as you do what is expected of you, you are your own boss.

4. There Is More Flexibility on How to Care for Your Own Kids

Though I do not personally enjoy this benefit, I have friends who work as nannies who are allowed to bring their kids to work while taking care of their charge. Though not all families allow this, there are some who do. Most of the parents who agree to this kind of arrangement think that it is a great way for their kids to socialise with kids from different families. I fully agree with this line of thought.

5. Pay for Being a Nanny Happens to Be Better Than That Offered for Some Office Gigs

To me, pay does not factor in too much and I would not say that it is the primary motivation for why I love my job. There are so many other reasons why I love my job before the subject of pay comes into the picture. However, for other nannies, the subject of pay is a real concern. A few years ago, I worked in a day care centre where I always felt underappreciated, overworked and underpaid. Among other reasons, this is why I quit working in the centre and decided to focus on being a nanny.  Some of my friends who work regular office jobs in mid-level companies earn $10 per hour or even less but they do have the potential to earn much more money.

6. There Is Job Security in This Line of Work

Education and childcare services will always be in demand. This is because the population will always be rising. While some companies will be laying off employees, there will always be a family looking to hire a nanny. Though finding a great employer may take some time, it eventually happens. Some of my friends who spent a lot of cash and got indebted with huge student loans still have not found work. On the other hand, I am enjoying my career as a nanny and will continue to do so for a very long time to come. Organisations such as Payroll for Nannies can give more information.


6 Ways to Throw a Killer Party or Event

Do you feel like you want to unleash your inner party planner? Everyone wants to be around that friend that understands how to throw a killer event or party because frankly speaking, this is an art form!
Not all people can handle or have the vision to plan a killer event. However, almost everyone wants to attend such parties. To prepare the events and parties that you wish you got an invite to, below are some of the secret tips you need up your sleeve.

1. Come up with Something New

We all love a bit of creativity, newness, or uniqueness now and then. So, why don’t you be the first to give it to others? When planning your event, some education to open the eyes of your visitors or guests to new things would be intriguing.

For example, if you’re returning home after spending a long time overseas, you can throw your welcome-home party that includes a travel theme. You can even prepare authentic dishes from a few countries that you visited and maybe hang up several maps that detail where you’ve been. I’m pretty sure that your guests will love listening to your travel stories while having the chance to taste the food that they could probably not have experienced.

2. Give Your Event a Theme

In case you can’t come up with something new, you can plan your party based on a theme. With a theme, your party will have an edge and a lot of people will most likely get excited to show up since it has the appeal of being different. Even so, it doesn’t mean that you have to go back to college and request everyone to wear certain attire. Ugly sweaters, decades, and murder mystery are all exciting ways to bring people together.

For instance, a prohibition party might request everyone to attend dressed in 1920s attire. Most likely, the venue will be full of beer tastings and liquor. It might include an authentic band, as well as dancers from the 1920s dance floors. In such a party, the theme is what attracts you to the party.

3. Provide Different Activities

Make sure that your guests have something to do. You mustn’t end up boring them to death with your strict itinerary or standard song playlist. Make sure that there is a variety of activities for everyone to participate in. You could include games, several dance floors with a variety of music styles and ensure that there are comfortable places for your guests to chat. Get ideas on the ideal venue like the Apples and Pears Bar. It can be an ideal opportunity to get a few competitive games too, especially if you can access the outdoors.

4. Inspire Your Guests

Including a little inspiration will say a lot to your guests. They will even be interested and excited to attend your event. Although offering them an intriguing theme to follow and opening their eyes and minds to new things can acts as inspiration, taking a step further would be smart. You can offer a donation jar to any charity of your choice. You could also hire a local musician to perform in your event to allow more exposure.

5. Send Quirky Invitations

Regardless of whether you do it via snail mail or online, ensure that your invitations rock! In case your party has a theme, ensure that your invites also go along with it. With your creativity, make memorable invitations.

6. Mix up the Guests

Inviting a variety of guests makes the party appealing. It will be boring if you only invite your closest friends. You and your guests should mix and mingle with different new people. It will certainly make the night interesting for everyone.


The Best Time to Visit Borneo

The island of Borneo sits on the equator in Southeast Asia. The country therefore boasts extremely high levels of humidity and rainfall is year-round. However, those tourists wishing to visit would be best served by planning their trip in the months between March and October when the weather can be more bearable. Months to avoid are between December and February when the Northeast Monsoon sweeps the island bringing extremely high rainfall.

Some Facts to Keep in Mind When Planning Your Borneo Trip

As mentioned the best time to visit is between March and October. Rainfall is lighter, although showers can be expected – this is, after all, the tropics. The lighter rainfall also means more a pleasant experience when it comes to viewing the native orangutans. For SCUBA divers the period between March and May is ideal – however, visibility is fantastic during July and August (up to 40 metres on some days). Try Borneo Dream for diving information. March, April and may also provide a better than average chance of encountering Whale Sharks. For those who want to experience the wonders of turtles of the beaches of Lankayan Island the period, June to September are ideal.

For both divers and eco-tourists, the months to stay away are December and January. Rainfall is particularly heavy and the waters offshore are rough, making getting to dive sites a challenge. During these months much of the native fauna will take refuge in the heavy jungles of the island – making spotting the unique creatures of the fascinating ecosystems of the island problematic.

Choose Your season Wisely

The Dry Season

Between March and October it is the ‘dry’ season – although in the tropics that may not be the best description of the climatic conditions. The island can still be uncomfortably humid and hot. However, the natural beauty of the island is on display during this period. Trees are fruiting and this means a greater chance to see orangutans as they approach ground level – and take some truly spectacular photographs. Take into account that the dry season sees increased numbers of tourists and increased prices. Once again it is always a good idea to pack some wet weather gear – the natural environment of Borneo is dominated by rainforest, and it is called by that name for a reason.


Peak Season

Peak season, which sees the highest number of visits, is in the period between May and September. It will remain hot and humid – but far more bearable than Monsoon season. Book in advance to secure the best deals on accommodation and tour options. Booking in advance for accommodation in the Rainforest areas is essential. The lodges can fill up extremely quickly. For the best chance of an Orangutan experience plan your trip in the months of June and August. It is when the ‘men of the forest’ descend to enjoy the ripening fruit which is found in abundance during these months. Peruse our holiday pages to find out about packages that will allow you to experience these magnificent animals.


The Wet Season

If you don’t mind getting wet the ‘wet’ season still offers exceptional value and the opportunity to experience the unique culture of the island – as well as its magnificent flora and fauna. Travelling to the world’s third-largest island is possible at any time of the year. No matter which month you choose you will still be exposed to magnificent diving opportunities, incredible accommodation options and wonderful national parks – as well as the iconic rainforests. Even the wet season has its attractions – lower tourist numbers and great value for money in terms of travel and accommodation.


A Guide On What To Do In Egypt In Different Seasons

Thought the cold weather may have started setting in and the warm and happy memories of Christmas are in the distant past, you can still start planning for a great holiday in exotic places with a sunnier climate. When it comes to planning a fun-filled and exotic holiday, you cannot go wrong with Egypt. Egypt has something for everyone… from the beautiful and awe-inspiring UNESCO heritage sites to the sandy beaches and exquisite resorts, the land of the ancient Pharaohs is a place to behold. Whether you are into aeroplane diving in the desert or simply want to enjoy a camel ride, Egypt is the place to visit.

When it comes to planning a holiday to this country, most people ask themselves which is the best time to visit Egypt. It is worth noting that this country has fun all year events and you can expect that it will always be sunny when you visit. However, based on what you want to see, some seasons are better than others. Below are some of events you can expect during different seasons.

1. December – February

This season is ideal for people who are holidaying for sightseeing purposes. During these months, the temperatures in the Nile Delta Cairo can hit an average of 20 degrees centigrade during the day. The temperatures during this period are cultural tourism events and river cruises. During this period, you can also choose to attend the Abu Simbel Festival which takes place two times in a year (22nd October and 22nd February). This festival usually takes place in the Abu Simbel temples which lie about 140 miles southwest of the city of Aswan. This beautiful festival is timed to coincide with the days when the sun perfectly hits and illuminates the statues which are seated in the temple of the legendary Pharaoh Ramses II.

If you are not into sightseeing you can still tour Egypt during his period and sunbath in a luxurious 5-star resort such as the red sea resorts of Marsa Alam, Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada in the southern part of the country. In these areas you can expect the temperature to range in the mid-20s.

2. March – May

During this season, temperatures usually range around 30 degrees centigrade and as such, you can explore what the red sea resorts in Egypt have to offer. Though diving can be enjoyed around the year in Egypt, this period is especially great for snorkelling. You can also explore festivals such as the Sham el-Nessim which is celebrated on 20th April which is also Easter Monday. In Egypt, this day usually heralds the commencement of Spring and as such you are likely to see people enjoying picnics along the banks of the Nile. During this season, you will also witness the end of Ramadhan on 24th May when Muslims across the world celebrate the feast of Eid al Fitr. The end of Ramadhan is a national holiday and you can expect to see lavish feasts as friends and family gather to celebrate this religious festival.

3. June – August

During the months of summer, the temperatures in the northern parts of Egypt such as Cairo usually soar to the mid-30s while in the southern Red Sea Resorts they are usually in the late-30s. During this period, it is humid and the sun can be really scorching. If you love the heat and activities such as trekking, you can plan your holiday for this period. Though this period marks the school holidays, most people tend to avoid Egypt during this period because of the heat and as such, you may find that your holiday will be cheaper.

4. September – November

During this period temperatures usually become more bearable ranging in the mid-late 20s. This is a great season to visit the many monuments and tombs which can be found in Egypt. As the temperature drops and the breeze increases, the Mediterranean also usually turns to a great and beautiful destination.

As you can see, Egypt is a great tourist destination for holidays throughout the year and there is something for everyone. To plan and get the perfect holiday in Egypt, consider the activities that you want to carry out and also the amount of heat that you can take.


The Benefits of Virtual Staging

What makes a home perfect? For most people, it’s getting the size and design that they have always wanted, located in a neighborhood that’s friendly, free from crime, and close to amenities, shopping centres, and schools. However, most homes going for sale are usually empty and this makes it hard to inspire new owners, particularly those who lack imagination.

Enter the world of virtual staging. Thanks to some innovative visualization techniques, it is now possible to superimpose furnishings, furniture, and decor to photos. It’s a technique that requires skill, but when done right, you won’t be able to tell what’s real and what’s not.

So, how is virtual staging better than traditional property staging methods?

It’s More Cost-Effective

Nowadays, it costs upwards of £1,000 per room when dressing it for sale. When it comes to larger, especially luxurious homes, the price goes higher as it calls for bigger pieces of furniture to give it that ‘liveable’ look. However, with virtual staging, you get to save a lot of money. You also have the freedom to add premium furniture and fittings without being limited by the budget.

Virtual Staging is Less Disruptive to The Owners

Some property sales are best handled in a discrete manner, probate and divorce sales being great examples. In such situations, the house may have already been cleared, bringing up the need to sell fast. Instead of bombarding clients with appointments to stage the property, take photographs, floor plans & EPC and get rid of the staging, the whole marketing service can be done in a single appointment.

Photos are an Essential Tool For Attracting Potential Buyers.

A floor plan is essential in assessing the exact measurements and plan of the property, but photos come in handy in allowing the potential buyer to picture themselves in the space. However, bare floors and walls don’t do a great job of giving a true perspective on the space. This is where virtual staging comes into play. By adding furniture pieces and some fittings, prospective buyers will find it easy to picture their possessions in the space and whether the size will accommodate their lifestyle. At the end of the day, you will have inspired potential buyers and won’t have to deal with those who tend to discover later that the space doesn’t suit them.

It Helps Hide Unappealing Decor

There is no accounting for taste, but there’s no doubt it takes all kinds to make a world. What one might find appealing can be very unattractive to another, and this is especially true when it comes to decor. With homes that need serious updating due to age or are modern but have unappealing decor, virtual staging can really come in handy.

New-Built But Unfinished Properties Can Appear Complete

Completing everything on time and within the budget confines is one of the biggest hurdles for construction contractors. Most projects hit a roadblock, thus pushing back the dates for listing them for sale. Property marketing documents require pictures and for an incomplete property, this is next to impossible. However, by taking advantage of virtual staging, you can make an incomplete house or apartment appear in its final state. With just a few bare photos and 3D visualizers, you can add anything from flooring to furniture and even details like plumbings and sockets.


Why You Should Make Nail Care A Part Of Self-Care

Whether you’re doing a DIY pedicure at home or visiting a professional nail salon, looking after your nails and decorating them with your favourite polish can be a great exercise in self-care. In addition to taking care of your hands and feet, nail care allows you the chance for stress relief, relaxation and renewal of your mind, body and soul. Applying a bright colour to your nails can have mood-boosting benefits and certain colours can evoke positive feelings.

The advantages of looking at nail care as self-care go beyond the application. Colour is transformational to me. I have been saying for years that colour can change not only your look but also your outlook. Do you want to feel powerful? What about vibrant? Or, maybe you want to feel seductive and sexy? There are nail colours to evoke all of those feelings. For instance, my go-to nail colour is red. The colour makes me feel professional, powerful, polished, and a bit sexy. For a more energetic, playful look I switch to brighter tones, while I reserve deeper shades for when I want to feel more sultry, confident and mysterious. Trust me – there’s a shade for every occasion and every personality.

The good thing is that nail colour is neither permanent nor extravagant (well, sometimes it can be). Nail polish is an affordable luxury and a great fashion accessory. With nail lacquer, you can complete or change an entire look. Nail polish is truly one of the most affordable, accessible accessories out there. What’s more, experimenting with different textures and colours is always fun and as nail liqueurs are relatively inexpensive, you can try out lots of different trends. In contrast to many other types of accessories, which are outside of the price range of many individuals, nail polish is accessible to people from all age groups and socio-economic demographics.

Any beauty regimen would be incomplete without nail care. In fact, to me, nail care is synonymous with oral hygiene – extremely important and very noticeable if neglected. Perfectly groomed nails convey that a person enjoys taking care of themselves. Hands are a key attraction zone, and perhaps one of the few feminine ideals where the focus is not placed on size.

Focus on hands and nails should always bring positive results. Rather than feeling under pressure to appear a certain way, it impossible to make a mistake when it comes to nail polish. Hands are all about expressing emotions and personal style, so you can’t go wrong no matter which shade you choose. Like our faces, our hands are on display all day, every day, meaning they are worthy of extra time and care. With a regular, simple nail care plan, maintaining beautiful nails is easy. We also often look at our own hands multiple times a nail, and there’s something rewarding about look down at well-maintained, beautiful nails.

Painting your nails is a great way to experiment with a new trend, switch to a new style, complete your look or simply make a small change that will make you look and free more attractive. Nails are all about YOU since you are the one looking at them every day. They can provide you with an instant mood boost. For a small investment, nails complete your entire look and when you know you look good, you are sure to feel good too.


All You Should Know to Start Rock Climbing

Rock climbing has found its way back in the limelight. Close to 100 new indoor climbing gyms have been opened on a national level in the past 3 years; participation in outdoor climbing has grown 20.3 per cent; while 1,000 to 1,500 people try climbing for the first time each day.

Are you ready to try out climbing, or bouldering in Croydon? You need to be aware of a few things ahead of time and you will also require a few pieces of gear.

Prepare the Body

Hands are your most important organs, according to a professional climber. If you plan to last longer than 15 minutes, you should think about investing in a hand gripper. You should then work up to squeezing out 50 repetitions with each hand every single day.

You then need to focus your attention on the core, which does a lot of the work to keep your body close to the wall. You should also start incorporating single-leg circles, planks and bridges into your everyday gym routine for the best results.

Overall mobility and flexibility will give you the upper hand when you start to climb. If you are a beginner, you should focus on working the hips. Sit in butterfly pose as well as pigeon pose. Open hips allow you to better reach tough footholds and generate momentum from the lower body.

Cardio is another area to focus on. New climbers that don’t have a cardio base often get winded halfway up a route. To avoid such a situation, try building a solid base either before or in the early stages of your climbing pursuits.

Understand the Jargon

Once you have settled on the type of climbing that you would like to try, you will want to start learning some of the lingo. If you master climber language, you will have an easier time learning from feedback and picking up new skills as you go.

While there’s an entire world of climbing jargon, you should consider including the terms below throughout your next conversations with climbers. The list is one part climber slang and one part helpful, but overall it will help you sound like a seasoned veteran right from the start.

  • Beta: Helpful information about a route that’s passed on verbally from a trusted climber that has already completed the climb. As the beginner, plan on being exclusively a beta consumer.
  • Bomber: It is derived from “bombproof,” which means indestructible or very secure. It may refer to a type of rock, hold, or even the actual gear.
  • Choss: It is a collective term for loose, crumbly rock, dirt, or vegetable i.e. anything on the route that isn’t stable enough to grab. It is usually used as an excuse for taking a fall or otherwise fumbling on a route.
  • Gripped: It refers to a mental state that results from being gripped by fear while climbing, usually due to exposure or difficulty or even the unexpected presence of choss.
  • Pumped: When the forearms become so swollen with lactic acid that it becomes impossible for the climber to grip properly. It usually happens at the end of a difficult route. It can serve either as a badge of honour that proves just how hard you climbed or as a source of frustration that you are unable to climb any longer without first taking a break.

Technique Considerations

The way that you move your feet is usually more important than where you place your hands. A good climber spends up to 80 per cent of the time looking at his/her feet. Experienced climbers also usually climb with their arms straight.

Practice Etiquette

Demonstrating the basic climbing manners will make assimilation easier. Here are a few things that you should avoid:

Never start climbing a route at the same time as the person on the route next to yours. Even if the routes never intersect, climbers require a bit of space on the wall. Allow them to get at least a third of the way up before you start.

Never step on the rope. It is the thing that will save your life in case of a fall, which is why you should avoid doing anything likely to wear it down faster. It might not be that big of a deal when indoors, but it isn’t a habit you should adopt.


The Importance of Car Servicing

One of the most important things to keep mind when planning to service your car is that it’s not the same as the Ministry of Transport (MOT) test. Just because you’ve recently taken your vehicle for an MOT test, or had an alloy wheel repaired in Reading, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need servicing.

That’s because MOT tests simply conclude that your vehicle is safe enough to be on the road. It won’t show any potential issues and you won’t know whether there are parts that need repair or replacement. MOTs just show the issue when it already needs fixing. Car servicing, on the other hand, lets you spot issues before they arise, giving you adequate time to plan on how to deal with them and get the finances ready. Even though car servicing costs money, it can save you a lot in the long run. Vehicles that don’t undergo servicing tend to usually consume more fuel as they don’t operate optimally. Repairs for such cars also tend to cost more.

Even issues that are seemingly small, like a need for an oil change, can have a substantial impact on the fuel that it takes to run the car. Servicing professionals will pick up on these issues and rectify as needed, thus making your car more efficient and ultimately save you money in unnecessary fuel.

Some people deem services as unnecessary. After all, checking screen wash and engine oil levels as well as tyre pressure are things you can do on your own without spending money on a mechanic. While this is true, there are other vehicle-servicing aspects that can’t be done at home and call for the expertise, skills, and tools of a professional mechanic.

Car Servicing is Vital for Safety

Cars nowadays are pretty complex and the average person can barely comprehend everything about the inner workings of these vehicles. Taking the DIY route when it comes to servicing can result in things like engine damage which is not only dangerous when on the road, but notoriously expensive in regards to repair/replacement.

Servicing is important to the safety of your car and those inside it. Professional servicing ideally picks up potential issues early on. Just imagine a part of your engine breaking while driving at 120 mph. Car servicing helps reduce the chances of something dangerous like this happening. It helps pick up on parts that need repair or replacement before you take your car out on the road.

Servicing also Helps Keep Your Insurance

As you know how insurance works, the lower the risk the better. In fact, failure to service your car can invalidate your insurance. If something that could have been checked and avoided through servicing happens and your service is overdue, your chances of getting a payout in case of an accident drastically reduce. Also, insurance providers like to see cars that are safe for the road and you are likely to have better premium rates if your car gets regular servicing and is always in optimum condition.

So there you have it: the primary reasons to have your car serviced.


The Benefits of Using Chrome Accessories in A Bathroom

Chrome is one of the most popular metal finishes for bathrooms and kitchens in Camberley and further afield. From faucets and showerheads to toothbrush holders and towel bars, you can find this gleaming metal finish in many bathrooms throughout the world. The section below highlights some of the main reasons why chrome is an excellent choice for bathrooms.

It is Attractive

Fixtures and accessories with chrome finishes help a bathroom look cleaner. This is especially true just after the chrome has been cleaned. The shiny, reflective surfaces of the chrome brighten up the space while at the same time giving the room a chic, contemporary look.

Chrome works especially well in modern bathrooms. As long as you choose the fixtures and accessories carefully, however, it also can be used in historic spaces. For instance, choosing vintage-inspired faucets with cross-shaped handles can give a bathroom a sense of old-world charm.

Since chrome is so popular, finding coordinating accessories for your bathroom is a lot easier than it would be with other types of metal. From a colour standpoint, chrome is neutral, which means that it will work with any other colour. Whether you are creating a bathroom that is entirely white or that incorporates bold, bright colours, chrome fixtures and accessories will always work. That makes redecorating your space a lot easier in the future.

Chrome is Simple to Care For

One of the reasons chrome is so popular for bathrooms is because it is simple to clean. Just use a damp rag to scrub away any water spots or streaks. Finish by polishing the surface with a clean, dry rag or towel. This restores the bright, shiny look of the chrome in no time.

Chrome is also durable enough to withstand just about any type of cleaning product. That means that you don’t need to buy special cleaners for your bathroom.

If your chrome fittings start to show signs of rust, don’t fret. There are some simple ways that you can deal with issues like these. One of the easiest ways to get rid of rust is by applying an acidic liquid like lemon juice or vinegar.

Simply apply the vinegar or lemon juice to the surface of the chrome to wipe away any rust or residue. For stains that are particularly difficult to remove, try putting your chrome fixtures in a bowl filled with vinegar and leaving them until the following morning.

Chrome Offers Superior Durability

From a durability standpoint, chrome is one of the strongest finishes for bathrooms. It also does a great job of resisting moisture. Problems like rust or water stains can easily be remedied using basic cleaning tools and supplies that you probably already own.

For instance, if you are installing shelves in your bathroom, look for a shelving unit that is made out of chrome wire. The openings in the shelves allow air to flow through, keeping moisture from building up under the items that are sitting on the surface. Bathrooms tend to get quite steamy, which is why it is important to choose accessories that work well in high-moisture environments.

There are Many Styles to Choose From

Since chrome is so popular, there are a lot of different fixtures and accessories out there. That means that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a style that you love that goes well with your existing decor.