Game Day Fueling

Items to focus on are a good carbohydrate source and hydration. Starting your game/practice with a full tank will ensure that your will have the energy to finish strong. In soccer and high-intensity intermittent sports you burn through your carbohydrate/energy stores really quickly. Items to focus on before the game would be oatmeal’s, PB and Jelly sandwiches, fruit and electrolyte drinks such as Hydrate or Gatorade. Ensuring that players are hydrated before the game is also key. Making sure they have fluids (water first)  at least 20 oz will aid in keeping them hydrated. Have them always have a water bottle with them to ensure they are dinking and hydrating throughout the day.

During the game:
We are trying to maintain our stores that we have as best we can here. In-between games fuel with carbohydrates and water will allow them to finish strong. Every 10-15 mins have them drink some water or electrolyte drink, giving them some simple carbohydrates and fluids. If it is a tournament setting have the kids get a good meal/snack between games. Some options for this would be a PB and Jelly sandwich, fruit with nuts or nut butter, and always fluids.

After the game:
This is when we need to get them ready for the next game and help them to recovery. We want to Rebuild, Refuel, and Rehydrate. The sooner we can get something into the kids the better, within the first 10-30 mins is ideal.

Rehydrate – restoring fluid and electrolyte loss
Refuel – focus on carbohydrates
Rebuild – protein need to be a part of the recovery process post game. This will help them rebuild muscles and prevent injury over the long run.

Click here to view the ‘EXOS Competition Day Fueling Guide’ pdf.