Glass Splashbacks and Worktops: The Benefits

Are you looking forward to owning a contemporary, unique kitchen? Or perhaps a space that allows creativity and energises you. You can come up with a dynamic design that has both aesthetic and practical benefits with worktops, funky glass splashbacks, or even both. So, what exactly is a funky splashback? And how can you balance your different design ideas to avoid doing too much?

Injecting Colour

Make use of the numerous possibilities that you get from the Pantone colour palette. Since there are more than 2,000 possibilities in the market, pick the one that you truly desire. You can pay more attention to green and blue hues to obtain an undertone of calm serenity. Yellows and oranges are an excellent option for a space that celebrates creativity. Red expresses action while purple feels regal! Regardless of the shade that floats your boat, an ideal way to modernise a space is by utilising bold, funky splashbacks, which are in a block colour.

Ideal Patterns

You can’t deny a perfect pattern. Prints are generally moving from strength to strength in this diverse world of fashion. So, it’s a fundamental thing when it comes to interior design. A glass that showcases the elaborate detail of patterning is the best material you can have in your kitchen.

Art Deco

You can get some incredible images and patterns by looking back to the roaring twenties. Generally, the inspiration comes from art deco architecture, with a combination of geometric and curved lines, fans and feathers. Gold and black colour schemes reveal the exuberance of such kind of patterns.


Geometric patterns bring out the majesty of maths, whether it’s the simple or the complex. With such designs, worktops and splashbacks will celebrate a timeless appeal. These patterns can compliment a lot of the kitchen concepts with simply two-tone colour schemes.

Flower Power

If you want some hippy designs on your splashbacks, you can thank Mary Quant daisies. The endurance of this design concept has made it become a classic style. You should check out for patterns that bring together abstract leaves and flowers to obtain a contemporary edge.


It includes a vast swathe of pattern concepts. Whether it’s from the ‘50s or ‘80s, there is the creation of an atmosphere of funky nostalgia with a retro pattern. You could also include a ‘tiled’ effect on this concept to achieve a nostalgic style.


Consider illuminating your worktops and splashbacks in creative ways to achieve a remarkable depth of design in your kitchen. Backlit and underlit glass implies that you can change the surface appearance in terms of atmosphere and colour. At the touch of a button, your calmly contemporary glass surfaces can change into funky splashbacks.

Funky Splashback Images

You can go abstract to obtain a funky style, especially for those who like the endless possibilities that you can get from the printed image glass splashbacks. Consider exaggerated, bubbles, and steam water droplets. To achieve this look, extreme close-up images work effectively.

Overall Design

The crucial factor to consider when utilising funky splashbacks and worktops to obtain a noticeable and fashionable design is in attracting the eye to such features. That means keeping your remaining space clean and more muted. Therefore, you’ll need to counteract with neutral cabinets if you opt for splashes of colour. For those who prefer bold patterns, ensure to balance with streamlined, simple flooring. When enhancing your funky splashbacks and worktops, your kitchen accessories can be useful. Look out for handleless kitchen units to obtain a flawless feel, and for clean lines, go for super modern blinds.

Why Glass?

As aforementioned, funky splashbacks and worktops provide aesthetic and practical benefits. Glass surfaces are incredibly easy to maintain. Since the toughened material isn’t porous, there isn’t an accumulation of mould and grime, which permeate porous surfaces and tiled walls. A simple wipe down, therefore, is enough for daily cleaning. Your kitchen experience is much less troublesome with glass since you can’t damage the surface with spillages or hot pans.

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