What to Expect for Furniture Repairs

If you invest in a beautiful piece of furniture, you probably want to keep it in the best condition possible. It could be a special item you selected for yourself, or even a priceless heirloom passed from generation to generation. No matter, there is some point where every piece of furniture begins to fall into disrepair and the risk is ways that it will get much worse from there.

This is where proper furniture repair can restore your furniture to its original strength and to a certain extent its original beauty. To help you get an idea of what to expect, here are the top four types of furniture repair you should know about.


General furniture repairs will be the most commonly needed. This will be handled by the experts in splintered wood, warped metal and other structural issues that need to be fixed so that the furniture is usable. This might include replacing a table or chair leg and repairing other structural damage. Other repairs may include filling in holes and gaps, stripping and sanding old furniture as well as varnishing, lacquering and painting the furniture as needed. While the most important skills will have to do with woodworking there are some other important elements that can’t be ruled out.


Upholstery is another part of your fine furnishings that will probably need attention and most problems can be addressed through the general furniture repairs. Of course, if the damage is extensive and requires replacing, mending or hiding structural damage, you may need an expert in upholstery repair work. This work typically involves removing the upholstery, addressing the repairs to the structures and then reassembling. Once the structure is restored, a new upholstery covering can be created and applied. This is a great opportunity to swap out old coverings with new and improved coverings made of leather or some other suitable product. A top-notch upholsterer will be able to make expert recommendations that increase the visual value of your furniture.


Some furniture repair companies will provide a specialised service for repairing and restoring antique furniture. Antiques require considerably more experience, skill and knowledge to restore than your average piece of furniture, they require special tools and repair materials as well. Some repair work can be addressed on location, but for especially damaged antiques or large repairs, they may be taken to a well-resourced workshop. Antique restoration can handle jobs of all sizes from a small footstool or night stand to the largest dining room tables.


This may not be a good option for everyone, but antique dealerships and auction houses will find plenty of recourse here. This type of professional will buy old and damaged antiques and fully restore and repair the items before selling them on the market for top dollar. This not only provides beautiful antiques for a fair price, but also fuels an excellent second-hand market.

For those with a special love for the beauty and value of fine furniture, finding the right restoration expert is a joy. These professionals share the passion for excellence and have what it takes to increase the longevity of these treasures.

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